The Journey

Sept. 01. 2020
While spending long torturous days shopping with my mom and sister, I entered a Barnes & Nobles and saw an altar of books and at the top illuminated by the direct spotlight above was Yasuhiro Nightow Trigun Volume 1.

As I reached for the hardcover book illustrating an image of a gunslinger. I opened the book and I was surprised,this wasn't a book but something more. Pages filled from start to finish with drawing accompanied with words, giving life to the figures on the pages. What was this I was holding, something so unfamiliar from any other book I have ever seen or read. It even reads in the opposition direction.

Everything about this book was captivating to me, I was in awe of the drawing of the image of Vash the stampede.

At that moment I thought this is something I want to create. For I spent most of time in libraries reading American style books, however this wasn’t American, it was Japanese and this wasn’t a novel, it was a manga. I asked my mom to buy this manga for me and she did, which made me happy. I read that manga day and night, back and forth and I needed more. at the age of 10 that manga inspired me to craft my own, but where to begin, I wondered to myself. I knew I could draw but never thought I would be that good because I compared myself to masters like Da Vinci and Leonardo, a problem I still struggle with today. So focused most of my efforts on storytelling trough art, rather than art telling the story. I began developing my plan for artistic success years ago and have been striving for it ever since.

This work The Artist is a manga that I created in and effort to accomplish my childhood ambition. This is part one in a four part story, telling the tale of a boy and his day before making the life changing discussion to become and artist.

Challenge: Each panel is hand drawn and I gave my self 3 months to complete the task. this was my summer project.