I create a hand drawn animation frame by frame, to learn what it took for those old school animators to create. Buba is my first attempt at drawing a frame by frame animation.

Laughter Man
Can you count, sucka’s?
I say the future is ours
if you can count
Now,look what we have here before us.
You got the Native tribes, sitting next to the Anglo boys
We got the Black knights, right by the Hispanic rangers
nobody is wasting nobody
that!is a miracle!
and miracle are the way things ought to be.
You're sitting right now with 7 delegates
from 100 labels
and there are 100 more!
That’s 20,000 hardcore members
40,000 counting affiliates
and 10,000 more not organized
but ready to fight!
70,000 artist
Now, there ain't but 6 Corporations
in the whole town!can you dig it ? (2x)
One label could run this city!one label
nothing would move without us allowing it to happen.
we could tax the mainstream
culture vultures
because we got the streets suckas!
can you dig it (2x)
The problem in the past has been the man, turning us against one another
we have been unable to see the truth
because we have been fighting for 10 square feet of ground
Our turf, our little piece of turf
that’s crap brothers!the turf is ours by right
All we have to do is keep up the general truth
we bring in one artist at a time
secure our music
secure our territory
because it's all our turf!

The Warriors (1979) opening monologue 

David ShaberWalter Hill
Sol Yurick