In my life, a rose is:
A flower so sweet

A gift to my mother
When I was a boy, my mother gave me an illustration of a male Southern California Mexican stylization. The man was holding a rose, above it read in calipharpy “ a rose to a rose”. This drawing which was gifted to my mother by one of her students, gave me the inspiration to create art for others.

The city I live in
Living in the city of roses, I couldn’t help but be reminded and inspired by the rose. It seems the rose is following me around. Portland has given me the opportunity to explore the depths of my art, mind , and spirit. I create the rose to remind me of what's important.

The game I won
My experience as an athlete shaped and tested me as a person and artist. It allowed me to form and maintain the balance of my physical and artistic expression. I was able to define and put into practice my ideas on life as an artist. As a two time rose bowl champion I  was able to define my physical expression at a high level.

The art I paint
I create the rose for those memories, to remind myself of the life marking moments. As a gift to the city I live. For my teammates. For those rose lovers.

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Rose Color: Sunkiss/ Background Color: Green/ Leafing Style: Rose Gold
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