Education University of Oregon  
Bachelor of Arts – Digital Arts, June 2015  
Athletic Scholarship Recipient "Walk-on" (2012 – 2015)  

Epiphany on a corner street
Addressing my religion,I have no religion.
Addressing my race,I have no race.
Addressing my class,I have no class.
Addressing my countries,I have no country.
Addressing my hue,I have no hue.
I am human,being human.
In the light no similarity noticed,
In the dark no difference found.
The lines blurred,like a far off memory.
Be nothing more.Be nothing less.
Be human?


Past Shows

IDL Worldwide, Design week

Moda Center, Game day

Panacea, Coffee shop

Cooper Village Museum of Art

Portland Art Museum

The Energy Bar

 LaVerne Krause Gallery,

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art


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