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Constructing Identities

During the summer of 2016, I received the opportunity to help with an exhibition called “Constructing Identities” at the Portland art museum. Mr. Jim Petrucci, the collector of the show hired me as an assistant for the exhibit. Constructing Identities is and exhibition featuring 100 works by 80 African American artists. It was curated by Berrisford Boothe.

As an assistant to the show, I had to compile  artist information, participate in meetings and interviews, be a liaison between the Petrucci family Foundation and the Portland Art Museum. In addition, another aspect of my role was to get the community involved. With the assistance from a college student, Shannon Carmer, we help developed a community outreach section called “Art is Ours”, where we provided several books for children and families.  The gallery also includes a wall dedicated to displaying creative responses from Portland-based artists of color (ranging from  emerging artists to more established artists), and a community response wall I created, which is a guiding piece to the students develop ideas of what could be created.

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