Hot desert days, endless skies and never ending wonder, inspired the boy to create worlds of his own. Ayele Adika, an American born artist based in Portland, Oregon raised in California. Ayele spent most of his childhood in the rural Mojave desert captivated by colorful images of the sky, the land, anime, and lore. The desire for greatness led him to cultivate his interests. 

 Ayele further developed himself through the years, with the goal of greatness and the  childhood promise he made to himself, ‘to become the greatest artist of this age.’ he found a place to spread his wings, as a Digital Arts major at the University of Oregon. Balancing life as a student, athlete, and artist. Ayele was able to remain focused on honing his art skills while also playing on a championship football team. Although football required an immense amount of time and dedication, Ayele remained devoted to his role as a student athlete. Football took a lot from him, but gave him many unforeseen abilities.

2010 - 2015

Bachelors of Science Degree - University of Oregon

Digital Arts

Post athletics he began focusing exclusively on the artist journey, he became an intern at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art (JMSA) where he was commissioned by the Education Department to create a video about museum etiquette for young children as well as showcased art created by athletes.

Ayele was instrumental in developing the Portland Art Museum’s 2017 “Constructing Identities” exhibition featuring 100 works by 80 African American artists. As an assistant to the show, he compiled artist information, participated in meetings and interviews, and was a liaison between the Petrucci family Foundation and the Portland Art Museum. 

I'm inspired to create from Life, Colors, & Sounds

Ayele also developed a community outreach section called “Art is Ours”, where several  books were provided for children and families. Additionally, within the gallery, Ayele created a wall dedicated to displaying creative responses from Portland-based artists of color.

Ayele Adika continues to hone his craft as an artist deeping his style, which is to compile material that seemingly would not go together. To find that balance of digital and physical art. To get his viewers to think critically about balance, using his signature style of acrylics on clear film with a compilation of multi-medium images oil pastels, fabrics and jewelry.

2017 - 2019

Artheads CO - Custom Picture Framing

Designer, Framer, Builder

2019 - Present

Columbia Sportswear Distribution Center

Material Handler

Accept yourself to improve yourself, judge me.
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