Epiphany on a corner street
Addressing my religion,I have no religion.
Addressing my race,I have no race.
Addressing my class,I have no class.
Addressing my countries,I have no country.
Addressing my hue,I have no hue.
I am human,being human.
In the light no similarity noticed,
In the dark no difference found.
The lines blurred,like a far off memory.
Be nothing more.Be nothing less.
Be human?


About Me

Ayele Adika, an American born artist based in Portland, Oregon has been honing his craft for the past 15 years. His multi-medium images and use of acrylics on clear film is his signature style.

Born and raised in California, Ayele was captivated by colorful images and Japanese anime. His interest was cultivated as a teenager and further developed as a Digital Arts major at the University of Oregon. Balancing life as a student athlete, Ayele was able to remain focused on mastering his art skills while also playing on a championship football team. Although football required an immense amount of time and dedication, Ayele remained devoted to his role as a student athlete. He became an intern at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art (JMSA) where he was commissioned by the Education Department to create a video about museum etiquette for young children as well as showcased art created by athletes (including himself).  

Upon graduating, Ayele was instrumental in developing the Portland Art Museum’s 2017 “Constructing Identities” exhibition featuring 100 works by 80 African American artists. As an assistant to the show, he compiled artist information, participated in meetings and interviews, and was a liaison between the Petrucci family Foundation and the Portland Art Museum. Ayele also developed a community outreach section called “Art is Ours”, where several  books were provided for children and families. Additionally, within the gallery, Ayele created a wall dedicated to displaying creative responses from Portland-based artists of color.

During the 2018-2019 basketball season, the Portland Trail Blazers commissioned Ayele to create game day posters as well as asked him to paint on basketballs. Proceeds were given to the Trail Blazers organization to help the youth.

Ayele’s current works has been focusing on creating roses; as a gift to the City of Roses, Portland as well as to his two-time Rose Bowl championship teammates. He creates these using a multi-layer, mix medium rose inside a custom built wood frame. Each rose and frame is  individually created and built. Besides multiple showcases in Portland, this work will also be displayed in Los Angeles at a pop-up art gallery this July.

Artist Statement

My style is to compile material together that seemingly would not go together. To find that balance of digital and physical art. To get my viewers to think critically. I use acrylics on clear film as technique for my images because I am into traditional cell animation. Specifically anime the Japanese style animation. Japanese animation and culture deeply influences my work and earlier life. I try to represent that stylization in my art.

My Past Showings

Arabella's Gallery

IDL Worldwide, Design week

Moda Center, Game day

Panacea, Coffee shop

Cooper Village Museum
of Art

Portland Art Museum

The Energy Bar

 LaVerne Krause Gallery

Jordan Schnitzer Museum
of Art


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